When you smile, you make your life more beautiful!

We offer the following dental care services

Dental appliances to straighten your teeth.

Treatment of carious and non-carious lesions, dental wear, fractures.

Painless extraction of teeth, performing dental surgical operations.

Technologies and state-of-the-art materials designed according to your personal needs.

Getting a beautiful, attractive smile by improving the appearance of the teeth.

Digital dental radiology is a new frontier in dental radiology, being the beginning of a revolution in oral and maxillofacial

Passion and Professionality

What makes us different

Latest Generation Equipment and Technologies

The SanelenDENT Clinic uses high-performance materials and equipment, also used in elite clinics abroad. It benefits from the latest and revamping equipment and technologies existing in the Moldovan dental services market, at internationally recognized quality standards!

Dental care at affordable prices

Our mission is to provide quality dental care in a relaxing environment, affordable prices, hygiene and maximum comfort, modern equipment and materials.

A team of talented Doctors

Our team of professionals ensures every day that each patient benefits from a personalized and multidisciplinary approach to treatment, a correct diagnosis and treatment solutions that will give him the confidence to smile again!

Professionals with rich experience

Our qualified team of dentists

Dr. Ciorchină Alexandru
Dentist - 15 years - Surgery, Prosthesis
Dr. Moga Stanislav
Prosthesis, Therapy
Dr. Pavlovskii Pavel
Ortodont, Ortoped
Dr. lesco Iulia
Generalist Dentist
Cucos Galina
Varvarici Natalia
Pascan Diana
Vicol Rodica

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