Dental malocclusions affect the health of teeth, gums, and temporomandibular joints over time. “Malocclusion” is a technical term for crooked, crowded, distant or misaligned teeth, teeth that are not well matched to each other. The word translates to “bad bite”

The progress of the technique in dentistry (the specialization of orthodontics) today allows the spectacular correction without the pain of dento-maxillary abnormalities. The newest orthodontic appliances are almost invisible, made of translucent, tooth-colored materials. The refined materials from which these appliances are made, as well as the structure, will allow any person, regardless of age, to benefit from the benefits of this dental invention.

Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dento-maxillary abnormalities and the development of correct intermaxilation relationships (orthos = right, dontos = teeth).

The orthodontist will be responsible for straightening and aligning crooked teeth, making correct reports between them, and reports of jaw bones.

It is very important to correct the position of the teeth on the arch not only aesthetically but also for functional reasons. The crowded teeth can be more difficult to sanitize, and gingival blemishes (gingivitis) can occur and may also occur in the first phase and then severe periodontal problems.

In other words, children with crooked teeth will be future parodontopathic adults. Incorrect reports between the two dental arches can cause disorders that are manifested by poor mastication, muscle ache and accompanying joint pain. All this can be prevented by orthodontic treatment, straightening your teeth is not a fad but a necessity.

It is best to wear the orthodontic appliance since childhood, the minimum age being 4 years (in the case of severe anomalies). Normally, treatment is recommended for children aged 7-8 years old

During childhood, the bones are softer, the mobilization of the teeth in the alveoli can be done easily and quickly (shortly 1-2 years).

The outcome of the treatment depends greatly on your child’s will to wear the device. Adolescents and adults (40 years of age) can benefit from orthodontic treatment with very good results, age not limiting the wearing of the dental appliance. The duration of treatment in this situation may be longer because the bones have no elasticity since childhood.

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