Digital Dental Radiology

Digital dental radiographs

We have a performance device that can perform a dental radiography that, in just 9 seconds and without much radiation, allows us to get a complex digital image on your teeth.

Due to the sensors of the camera (sensitive to X-ray photons), the image will be high quality and at a resolution superior to conventional film, which allows digital processing (magnification or inspecting the image). Thus, our specialist physicians can see important details of teeth and adjacent structures for more effective dental treatments, elements that can not be analyzed for traditional means.

By reducing radiation by 80%, pregnant women can also use it. Additionally, the process takes a few minutes and no pre-training or programming is required. No chemicals are used for development.

The need for such a dental radiology device is even greater, as in the dental practices of the Dental Clinic Dental Clinic we deal with complex situations such as: dental emergencies, our specialists do dental implants, dental crowns and dental implants, do dental appliances or take care of dental treatments for children.

  • Very low radiation dose
    Research in the field demonstrates a reduction in radiation of up to 80% when using a digital sensor compared to the use of a radiological film. This is due to the properties of the sensor, which make it more sensitive to X-ray photons.
  • Possibility of image processing
    The digital radiograph image can be processed to obtain important details of adjacent teeth and structures.
  • Ecological
    No chemicals are used for development.
  • Superior image quality
    Most digital sensors currently on the market have a resolution of the image that is superior to conventional film. This means that on digital dental x-rays the doctor can identify information that would not have been visible on a conventional film.
  • Time economy
    Exposure time is only 9 seconds. No prior programming is required. The whole process takes 5 minutes.

In the case of children, X-rays can be used to monitor the teeth that erupt, allowing the dentist to diagnose problems and prepare the dental treatment plan. If dental problems are identified and treated from an early stage, subsequent treatments are more comfortable for your child and, at the same time, cheaper.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends examining X-rays every 6 months for children at high risk of caries. Pediatric pediatricians are very preoccupied with minimizing exposure to radiation. Under current safety conditions, the amount of X-rays received after an examination is very low and the risk is negligible. In short, dental x-ray represents a much lower risk than an unidentified and untreated dental problem.

The unit of measurement for radiation doses that reach the body is “milisievert” (mSv). Experts from the American College of Radiology and the North American Radiology Society believe that the maximum allowable dose of radiation accumulated over a year should not exceed 20 mSv. Of all X-ray investigations, dental radiography is the least irradiating, the radiation dose being only 0.02 mSv.

Radiation source Dose
Dental X-ray 0,02 mSv
Mammography 1-2 mSv
CT thoracic or pelvis 4-8 mSv
CT complete 10-12 mSv
Radiation from the environment 3mSv/an

* Maximum allowable dose: 20 mSv / year.

Sources: American College of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America, American Association of Physical Medicine.

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